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Network monitoring frequently asked questions

Q.What do you monitor?

AThe software monitors the health of your server and workstations at specific times of the day and reports back to our engineer’s dashboard. We also monitor devices like routers and websites.

Q.How much will it cost?

AThe amount of servers and other devices influence the price and so will the type of agreement that you have. Our all-inclusive package starts at £175 per month and our workstation only agreement starts at just £25 per month .

Q.What are your hours of business?

AThe software works 24/7, our support department opens at 0830 and finishes at 1700. There are times when we need to support the companies that we look after out of those hours but the idea is to keep the system running without any dramas.

Q.Can you replace hardware?

AIf your server or network system then it could be that the hardware needs to be replaced. We supply new servers and configure them for our customers.

Q.How much will a server crash cost me?

ALost time. If you have a Bytesafe Platinum agreement then it would be covered in the service agreement. It will cost you time. Without an agreement you can easily double the amount of time it could take to get you back up and running.

Q.How does it work?

AA software agent is installed on your computer systems which report back to our support department’s dashboard. Scheduled checks are made by the software and failed checks are flagged up to our engineers. One of the servers that we look after has a total of 76 independent checks. 30 minute checks on the health of the hard disks and even the flow of email in and out of the server.

Q.Have I got privacy?

AYes and we are open about what and when we are doing. Our engineers completely understand that your privacy is important and are trained to respect that. We are dealing with confidential information every day and ensure that you feel confident that we act in a trustworthy and professional manner.

Q.How will I be contacted if you discover a problem?

AWe will already have your preferred method of contact noted but normally it is by email but we prefer to talk to people on the phone.

Q.Can you solve any issues that you discover?

AWe can and depending on your agreement the cost could be included in your monthly payment.

Q.Do I have to call you to look at our systems?

ACall us any time you feel the need but in most instances we start our day by telling our customers what is happening on their networks. In some instances it is to tell them that the Internet has been down over night.

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"We have used Systems and Solutions a couple of times and they have always provided us with a cost effective professional service, we trust the work they do and as such have recently called on them to sort out issues with our server and quote for a replacement PC. I would recommend them to anyone, business or domestic, excellent service and value for money."

Dave Shorten, Monarch Fire

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