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Where are we heading as a Oxfordshire IT support company?

Posted by Douglas Handford

As a company specializing in IT Support for Oxfordshire clients we are committed to gaining an accreditation with ITEL which is a professional support desktop process. This then measures us against the industry best practices and we are going to be able to put our local small business slant on that. What that means to you is not only expert engineers solving your issues but using a process that is clear and understandable.

We are working hard at preventing problems in the first place and getting our fix times down.

We will want to grow the company with more customers but at present we are concentrating really hard at the quality and accuracy of our work better.

Bytesafe mail filtering

Do you get too much email? Most people do get too much email and the great majority is spam. We use our own statistics to make a point.

Total messages = 184, Spam messages = 120

Mail filtering is available to Bytesafe Gold and Platinum users and is a separate component which means that you can decide which mailboxes get filtered. This make is more economical.

All of your email goes through another filtering process which analyses:

1. The subject line

2. The sender

3. The content of the email

If the email scores highly then it will be declared as spam. If it contains a virus then it will be put aside in the spam folder and it will not reach you.

With Bytesafe mail filtering, you are able to turn up the protection so that you decide who send you emails. You can black list or white list senders, this which means you effectively ban people from sending you email as the emails will never get to you

Predictive hard disk failure - how does our system predict this?

It is handy to know if something is going to fail before it does. The electronics in a mechanical hard disk can tell us that the unit is predicted to fail and our Bytesafe checks use this.

On several occasions now we have been able to replace the hard disk after cloning the contents to save a catastrophe. Scheduling a parts change is different to working out how to restore from backups – for the customer as well as us.

If this happens to you, we will contact you and explain the procedure

Want to upgrade your Bytesafe Agreement?

There are three types of Bytesafe agreement and all have a specified set of services for the monthly fee.

It is possible to upgrade your agreement; the most popular being the Bytesafe Platinum all-inclusive agreement.

Our customers like the fact that they do not need to make a judgement as to whether it is worth getting the issue fixed. It’s inclusive of labour so it gets fixed.

An interesting dynamic happens as well. We spend more of our time preventing problems and less time fixing them and our customers enjoy news levels of reliability.

Call Kevin now on 01993 706 161 to discuss how we help save your money and time with our all-inclusive service agreements.

This content is taken from our April Newsletter.