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The end of Microsoft Windows 7

Posted by Kevin Ackland

Windows XP was officially side lined by Microsoft with all support ending in April 2014 with many people favouring Windows 7. 

Did you notice that you cannot buy Windows 7 anymore? So, why are Microsoft stopping us from buying the product we like?

Microsoft forced us all to stop using Windows XP in 2014. The first release of Windows XP was in 2002 and it needed to be shelved. Moving away from Windows XP is a good idea, it was a great operating system and it was loved by users but it had its day. 

From a technical stand point it was 32 bit software (there was a 64 bit version but it was buggy and hardly used). You haven’t been able to buy a 32 bit computer for 10 years because they have all been 64 bit so it makes sense to have a 64 bit operating system.

Microsoft has a program that means that they retire their operating system 10 years after release but they seem to have added another year on for Windows 7. They retire them by no longer providing security updates. The consequences of no security updates will mean that viruses will eventually be rife on XP machines. 

Windows 7 – all versions will be retired in 2020

Every Windows has a lifecycle. Knowing the key dates in the Microsoft Windows lifecycle will help you make informed decisions, especially as you wont receive the support or security updates.

The official position of Microsoft and was prompted by many in the industry questioning Microsoft’s stance. 

The countdown has begun. As of October 2014 you couldn’t buy new machines with Windows 7 home premium. Microsoft wanted to ban the purchases of new equipment with Windows 7 pro but the corporate users protested and insisted that Windows 7 pro be still available. Many corporates especially the larger corporates were never going to adopt Windows 8.

Roll on Windows 10

Roll on Windows 10 which will be released in 2015. Find out about the facts of features of the newest version that will be released this year. 

Everything I have seen about Windows 10 has been positive and users of Windows 7 are going to be able to transition very easily.

Supporting Windows business networks

Bytesafe managed services are squarely aimed at Windows business networks. As part of the agreement we monitor the Windows 7 services on workstations. If a service stops it could spell trouble, like a backup job not completing which means that we can correct the issue.

The alternative to a Bytesafe managed service agreement with Systems and Solutions is to inspect the machines manually, the old way. We have estimated that our automatic maintenance saves 30 minutes of work per machine every week. Even at modest IT support rates on a 10 machine network the saving would equate to £1000 per month. 

If you would like to ensure that your systems are kept reliable then please contact Kevin Ackland MD of Systems and Solutions on 01993 706161 or 01993768301.