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Remote IT support in Oxfordshire explained in 9 simple steps

Posted by Kevin Ackland

IT support companies have been springing up all over Oxfordshire in recent years, so how do you go about choosing the right one for you? In this new blog post we explain remote IT support in nine simple steps, giving you some handy ideas as to what to look out for to make sure you work with only the very best (while sticking to your budget).

1. IT support Oxfordshire: Company history

You might have shortlisted a number of IT support companies in Oxfordshire already, so how do you whittle them down to selecting just one? It can be a big decision, especially if you need help on a retainer basis. First things first – do a quick company check online. Find out how long they have been trading and what their general financial situation is. Ideally you don’t want to work with a start-up with no customer success stories, it’s far better to work with a well-established small business IT support specialist where you know your investment is safe.

2. Face-to-face contact

The next step is to meet with your shortlisted candidates face-to-face to get a really good feel about how they might interact with you. You might decide at first glance that a company is not for you, or you might immediately know 100% that this is the best IT support company in Oxfordshire to be working with.

3. Expertise and product knowledge

During your meeting start to work out how much they know about fixing IT issues. Ask them a number of test questions and write down the answers. If you don’t know if they are right, ask a friend or relative who has some IT expertise.

4. Say no to the jargon

Don’t let yourself be baffled by jargon. A good IT support company will speak to you in plain and simple terminology. It’s their job to work with you and not baffle you with IT speak.

5. Tech functionality

Find out what’s on offer – will an IT support engineer visit your office once in a while to tinker with your hardware? Or will they provide a remote monitoring service that knows your IT issues before you do? Make sure you are offered the right level of service for your needs.

6. A range of IT support services

A decent IT support company will be able to offer you a range of services rather than just the one. It’s great to be able pick and choose from a number of options to suit your budget so make sure you find out what’s available.

7. Security and privacy

Need to keep confidential data safe? Your IT support company should be able to tell you all about how they do this, without hesitation. Data breaches are serious business and can incur big fines, so you’ll need to ensure this is top priority at your chosen company.

8. Know your issues before you step foot in the office

Can your Oxfordshire-based IT support company update you every morning about what’s going on with your systems before you’ve even made your first cup of tea? This is the type of service you should be looking for nowadays: prevention is better than cure and fast access to knowledge is a must-have.

9. Gut instinct

Finally, take your time to make your decision and follow your gut instinct. Why not also get some testimonials to see how your chosen IT support company has engaged with other customers in the past? Bytesafe have been providing IT Support in Oxford and surrounding areas for 15 years and have strong client relationships.

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