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Server Monitoring & Support

As an exercise to find out how important your server is, try turning it off and working without one for a morning. This planned exercise will give you an idea of how important it is to have a well maintained and reliable server.

Leaving a server in the corner and not looking at it until something goes wrong is and never has been a good idea. The constant checking of event logs by expensive IT service engineers at one time was the only alternative.

The modern way of ensuring that your server stays reliable and “serves” you is for us to monitor it with specialist software.

With our Bytesafe agreements we deploy a software agent with a number of standard checks that we know are essential for a healthy server.

Every day at 6am a daily safety check or snapshot of the health and performance of the system. Further checks are carried out every 30 minutes throughout the day.

The server then alerts our IT support team to take action.

Our customer’s say that it is comforting to know that the server is being constantly checked on and that we as a support team are in the background ready to give support when needed.

We use as many as 70 separate checks on a server to ensure it is working perfectly. This forms the basis of our proactive approach to IT support.

We often spend a good part of the morning telephoning our customers informing them of issues and providing solutions.

Your server is the heart of your network and provides essential network services and it is important for these services to be kept running at all times.

A server being monitored under one of our Bytesafe managed service agreements has to work for 24 hours a day 7 day a week without a break.

In five years a server will be switched on for over 35,000 hours and as this is the life and soul of your companies information it would be wise to make sure it is good health all the time by monitoring and maintenance.

Server monitoring will be money very well spent.

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"We have used Systems and Solutions a couple of times and they have always provided us with a cost effective professional service, we trust the work they do and as such have recently called on them to sort out issues with our server and quote for a replacement PC. I would recommend them to anyone, business or domestic, excellent service and value for money."

Dave Shorten, Monarch Fire

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