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Block Facebook

Whilst social media has changed the world it has been known to be a problem when it is used for personal use during business hours for some offices.

Can I block Facebook?

The short answer is “yes, we can block Facebook” but there could be a few more things to consider.

Blocking access to Facebook is a simple process which we can do remotely on a per computer basis because the software is built into our Bytesafe package.

If you would like block access Facebook for all computers and wireless devices like smart phones than that would be done at the router level – but it can be done.

Block Facebook or Block social media are services that I am asked for on a regular basis when a person’s productivity is in question. Even though the HR policy will often state that social networks are not to be used during work hours unless you can see everyone’s screen it can be difficult to enforce it throughout the company.

Banning Facebook can often be the only way of ensuring that it is not accessed during working hours.

Web filtering is part of our Gold and Platinum service agreements as standard.

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