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IT support for Small Businesses

Our goal is to make your network reliable and perform well.

We do this by monitoring the network with software that reports back to us with the issues that we need to solve. We then use this software to perform routine and automated maintenance.

There is nothing more annoying that your IT not working. This often stops you and your staff from performing your role in the company.

Chronically unreliable networks can cause massive disruption and panics without the prospect of the issues being solved. These can be costly and disruption to the company.

Once we have established the issues involved we will discuss with you a plan that is prioritised so that you can make your decisions based on the most important. This will help with budgeting and planning.

Solving these points of failure often give instant results to issues that have been ongoing for some time. Making sure that the system is properly configured will mean that you will get better reliability and the best performance for the hardware that you have.

Our company has a well drilled system for receiving and perform service requests and we notify you every step of the way so that you know when your issue is going to be fixed.

Server monitoring in particular is essential and will stop a disaster happening at a time when you need to get on with your company functions.

Server based networks can be made to be very safe even in an age where viruses and security hacks are rife. We often get asked to block certain websites like Facebook or other social media websites. Our web filtering program will by default stop access to adult and gambling websites but they can be configured to block any website of the customers choosing.

At last we are in an age of fibre broadband which means that we can use cloud backup. Cloud backup saves the swapping of backup tapes and disks. The changing of tapes and disks are often forgotten and cloud backup is automated this process which in turn solves the problem.

Example 1:

For over 10 years we have looked after a company that have 50 workstations and 2 servers. They have a high dependency on their computer network and a low tolerance of interruptions.

Example 2:

A much smaller company with just 4 computers and no server who are highly dependent on the Internet. We provided a 3G automatic fall back so that they could carry on even if the Internet went down.

It Support

Example 3 :

A company that uses standard office programs, a couple of industry specific programs, a CCTV system which displays on their computers and a “clocking in” machine that links automatically with the payroll.

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"We have used Systems and Solutions a couple of times and they have always provided us with a cost effective professional service, we trust the work they do and as such have recently called on them to sort out issues with our server and quote for a replacement PC. I would recommend them to anyone, business or domestic, excellent service and value for money."

Dave Shorten, Monarch Fire

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