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Network security

Within Bytesafe we have several built in tools to keep your network secure and we can tighten up your network security depending on the threat that you feel you have.

Security used to be about anti-virus and intrusions but it is wider subject now:

  • Anti-virus 
  •  Firewalls 
  •  Software patching 
  •  Email filtering 
  •  Device filtering 
  •  Web filtering 
  •  Complex password enforcement 
  •  Active directory 
  •  Encryption

Bytesafe service agreements use “Managed Anti-virus” which means that we get alerts about viruses and malware, that is the managed part, we actively manage threats on your computers. Most viruses exploit systems that have not been patched and our Bytesafe service agreements include patching of Microsoft and other third party software programs.

We want to stop viruses entering through email and our mail filtering system not only filters out viruses and spam but it is a permission based email system which means that only email that you decide you want will reach you.

There is a trend for staff to bring in their own devices to work (BYOD). Whilst mobile phones are the most popular other devices are common to appear on the company network. These can create a significant problem and even lead to the malfunction of company email by getting you listed on a spam list.

Using the Bytesafe web filtering system you can have complete control over the activities on your network and even block social media sites like Facebook.

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"Having been through the trauma of taking over a business which is totally dependent on PC/IT and with very limited knowledge of how to fix things when they go wrong when it comes to IT, I am delighted that I found Systems and Solutions! Kevin and the team have helped us through a transition with all of our IT to completely new equipment, keeping us operational all the time and with superb customer care and efficiency, everyone in Systems and Solutions has the same ethos, that is to look after the customer! Thank you."

Paul Faulkner, Managing Director, Micromagnetics Ltd.

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