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Network Monitoring

The idea behind all network monitoring is to give more information to help make the network more reliable.

Network monitoring is built into every Bytesafe agreement so that day by day month by month the network as a whole becomes more and more reliable. The end goal to eliminate support issues due to things on the network not working as they should.

All of the monitoring checks run throughout the day and night so we are even working when we are sleeping.

We do up to 95 checks on each server including predictive disk failure and service failures and we do up to 45 checks per workstation to aid the smooth running of your network.

We can even monitor your website so that we know that that is working.

We have connectivity checks for third party equipment like CCTV systems and clocking in machines. Whilst we do not service this type of equipment we can tell when it not connecting and inform the support company for you.

We will often call our customer to tell them that their broadband is down or not working properly. We have made calls to customers first thing in the morning to inform them of an Internet outage and sorted it out before the staff came in for the day.

We are checking what is going on with your network.

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"Having been through the trauma of taking over a business which is totally dependent on PC/IT and with very limited knowledge of how to fix things when they go wrong when it comes to IT, I am delighted that I found Systems and Solutions! Kevin and the team have helped us through a transition with all of our IT to completely new equipment, keeping us operational all the time and with superb customer care and efficiency, everyone in Systems and Solutions has the same ethos, that is to look after the customer! Thank you."

Paul Faulkner, Managing Director, Micromagnetics Ltd.

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